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  BLUE SHIELD: Super dark velvety navy blue. Yellow- orange signal. Mid season 90cm $6.00
  BROOKVALE NOCTURNE: (Murray 1984) Top quality rich, full flower of blue violet Early season 90cm $4.00
  C'EST SI BON: Blue violet with white spray patterns Early season 80cm $4.00
  CLYDE REDMOND: Beautiful Wedgwood blue. Lower growing, great for the front border. Mid season 75cm $5.00
  ELUSIVE BUTTERFLY (Taylor 1989): Lavender violet with white patterns on the falls. Strong vigorous growers. Mid season 102cm $4.00
  FULL ECLIPSE: Intense shade of darkest purple. Mid season 80cm $6.00


FLIGHT OF FANTASY :(Taylor 1989) Lavender background shading to darker blue violet. Late season 80cm $4.00
  FRANCES ELIZABETH: A lightly frilled purple/ bronze. Mulberry/purple standards Late season 62cm $4.00
  GLOWLIGHT: (Taylor 1988) Beautiful bi-tone of white and purple. Yellow- orange signal. Mid season 100cm $8.00
  JAZZ BALLET: (Taylor 1988) Super large ruffled blooms in cleary pinky violet with light rim Late season 80cm $6.00
  LA PEROUSE: Cobalt with sea blue toning Early season 102cm $8.00
  LAVENDAR RURRLES: Light lavendar with rurrle. Early season 64cm $6.00
  MRS IRA NELSON: Strong spikes on vigorous plants, large, beautifully formed lavender-violet blooms Late season 92cm $4.00
  MRS MAC: Beautiful violet-blue with yellow self signal Mid season 92cm $4.00
  PLANTATION BEAU: (Dunn 1985) Large blooms of milky violet. Mid season 96cm $5.00
  PROFESSOR IKE: Real violet with gold signal. Mid season 90cm $8.00
  PROFESSOR PAUL: Pale blue-lavender, veined darker. Late season 80cm $6.00
  SINFONIETTA: (Raabe 1986): Mid gentian blue with bold yellow crests. Early season 85cm $6.00
  VIOLET RAY: Pansy purple with a white ray pattern on the falls. Early season 75cm $4.00

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