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  ANN CHOWING: Dark red with prominent yellow signal. Eye catching. Mid season 90cm $8.00
  LADY STORM: Deep crimson bitone. Late season 75cm $5.00
  MISSISSPPI GAMBLER: Rusty brown, flushed gold. Mid season 80cm $4.00
  RED GAMELOCK: Henna red. Late season 80cm $8.00
  ROYAL EMBRACE: Magenta rose. Early season 81cm $8.00
  CHATEAU MICHELLE: Ruffled brick red with large yellow signal. Mid season 61cm $3.00
  NEWS BRIEF: (ROWLAN 1983) Chrysanthemum crimson bi-tone with lime green signal. Mid season 81cm $4.00
  WARRAMUNDA: Pale red veined yellow. Yellow signal. Late season 90cm $6.00
  WINE AND DINE: Wine red with large yellow signal. Mid season 122cm $4.00


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