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  ART WORLD (Taylor 1988): Waved and fluted clear mauve pink of rounded form. Well branched and vigorous. Mid season 75cm $3.00
  CHARLIE'S MICHELLE: Delightfully ruffled amaranth-rose. Super form and quality, eye- catching golden yellow signals. Mid season 91cm $4.00
  DANCING VOGUE: Dusky pink with yellow veins. White ruffled edges. Mid season 96cm $4.00
  DELTA BELLE: Pinkish lavender with small spear of yellow green. Mid season 91cm $6.00
  MYRA ARNEY: Lovely soft pink and white bi-colour. Ruffled. Mid season 105cm $3.00
  PATIENT REWARD (Taylor 1987): Beautifully rounded strong pink iris. Lovely. Mid season 76cm $4.00
  PERFECT MATCH (Taylor 1990): Beautiful rosy magenta, lightly ruffled with green in the heart, large yellow signals and strong flower spikes. Mid season 103cm $3.00
  PRICE REDMOND Rich magenta-rose bi-tone with contrasting yellow signals and slight ruffling. Late season 92cm $5.00
  WATCH OUT: Hot pink with fine light sdge. Early season 80cm $5.00


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