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  BAYOU COMUS: Light tan. Yellow-orange crests Late season 92cm $3.00
  CLASSICAL NOTE (Taylor 1991): Ruffled and fluted yellow. Yellow-green veining. Mid season 110cm $3.00
  HONEY STAR (Hutchinson 1993): Honey cream flushed apricot. Beautiful blooms on tall, well branched spikes. Early season 61cm $4.00
  OUR PARIS (Carrol 1990): Vigorous heavily blooming plants carry a multitude of buds on well branched spikes. Cream to gold with a dusting of pink overtones. Early season 92cm $4.00
  RUE ROYALE (Dunn 1986): A golden yellow with a small deeper gold signal, green styles tipped yellow. Rounded form and well branched. Mid season 66cm $4.00
  SHRIMP CREOLE: Rosy shrimp and gold colouring. Mid season 102cm $5.00
  SOUTHERNER (Ghio 1981): Gold washed with rusty red. Yellow signal Mid season 91cm $8.00
  UPTIGHT: Similar form to the bearded iris with upright primrose yellow standards and yellow-orange signal. Mid season I22cm $6.00
  KOORAWATHA: Rurrled gold yellow. Mid season 110cm $4.00


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