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Pests and Diseases

Louisiana irises are not subject to many disease problems, although those two common problems, rust and leaf spot can devastate them. Treatment is with any suitable fungicide- Mancozeb seems to be the most effective—and it should be applied quickly and at weekly intervals if / either of the problems arise. Prevention would be regarded as far more acceptable than cure.

If leaf spot does occur, and it will on certain cultivars in humid weather or when cool nights are followed by warm days, then removal of the infected leaves and treatment of the others is advisable.

The Louisiana iris is an ideal garden plant for a bog situation or for growing in standing water. For this reason many gardeners like to grow them in pots. Potted plants are beautiful in flower and give accent to a pool at any time of the year but care must be taken with the mixture used. Pots should be as large as possible to cope with the vigorous growth and the mixture should be of garden soil, peat moss, compost and well-rotted manure in about equal proportions. It should be fertile and an 8—9 month slow release fertiliser should be incorporated in the soil at planting time.


  Irises for New Zealand Gardens by Karen Glasgow.

The Louisiana Iris, Joe Mertzweiller and Marie Calilet, editors

1988, Texas Gardener Press, 225 pages.

The Society’s acclaimed hard-cover book on Louisiana irises with chapters devoted to history development, culture, classifications, breeding and many other topics. Developed under the auspices of the SLI Publications Committee and edited by SLI stalwarts Joe Mertzweiller and Marie Caillet. 34 color plates, many drawings and other illustrations, extensively indexed. A must for the Louisiana iris gardener or enthusiast.

Order from Texas Gardener Press, P0 Box 9005, Waco, TX 76714 .

50th Anniversary Special Publication, Joe Mertzwelller, editor,

1991, FranklIn Press, 128 pages.

Issued in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Society for Louisiana Irises, this publication is a chronicle of the early work of Dr. John K. Small of the New York Botanic Garden, and others, especially Randolph Bazet of Houma, Louisiana, an avid amateur collector with whom Dr. Small collaborated extensively during the years 1925-1940. Includes reprints of articles written by Dr. Small and contains fifteen handsome color plates from the scholarly horticultural journal, Addisonia. The publication also includes correspondence between the two men, and contains Small's extensive, but ultimately almost wholly rejected classifications and descriptions of Southern native iris species. A fascinating review of the work of two Louisiana his pioneers!

Louisiana Iris Cultivars 1990, Dr. Charles Fritchie, chief compiler and J. Farron Campbell, editor, 1990, The Society for Louisiana Irises. 81 pages.

An updated revision of the landmark Louisiana Iris Gretatwy 1982, a compilation by Dr.Fritchie, which marked the first, attempt to provide a complete and separate listing of Louisiana Iris registrations and introductions.

Handbook of the Society for Louisiana Irises, 1989, 16 pages.

A booklet containing the Constitution and By-laws of the Society and the duties and responsibilities of officers and committees. Routinely provided to officers and committee chairmen, the handbook is also available to the general membership for a nominal fee.


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There is a great interest in irises from the beginner to the more seasoned grower. Here at the Patch, the thing that keeps us going is seeing happy gardeners and providing them a good service. This is important to us, as we get great satisfaction knowing that our plants grace many gardens all over New Zealand.

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